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Select Non-Woven Housewrap 9 ft. x 100 ft.

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The smart solution behind exterior claddings for commercial and residential construction

SPECIFICATIONS: 9 feet x 100 feet

An advanced non-woven, non-perforated, Housewrap & Air Barrier material that has been engineered as a drainage material to provide superior performance while exceeding the most stringent criteria for the Building Thermal Envelope. With premium performance in air holdout and water resistance, this non-perforated housewrap minimizes air intrusion and maximizes the thermal efficiency of the best-designed wall systems.

  • Air Resistive Barrier Certified Air Barrier Material which exceeds ASTM E-2178 minimum requirements
  • Water Resistive Barrier Water resistive barrier exceeds AATCC-127 Water Head Test
  • Ease of Installation Designed with job site performance in mind with outstanding nail tear resistance, premium tear strength, and superior building envelope protection
  • Drainage Efficiency Certified Drainage material exceeds ASTM E-2273 performance requirements
  • Excels in air and water resistance, drainage requirements and durability
  • Greater tear-resistance and strength than competitive products
  • Class A flame spread rating ASTM E-84
  • Smart solution behind exterior cladding for commercial and residential construction; EIFS and stucco, cement, hardboard, vinyl, wood sidings, brick and stone veneer