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Johns Manville Sound-Shield Fiberglass Insulation 16" x 48" x 4"; 106.66 sq.ft

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16-inch x 48-inch x 4-inch; 106.66 sq.ft

Johns Manville Formaldehyde-free™ Sound-SHIELD fibreglass insulation reduces the transmission of sound through walls, floors and ceilings. It is available in batts to fit standard dimensions of wood-frame or steel-stud construction in residential, commercial, institutional industrial applications.


Thermally Efficient: Effective resistance to heat transfer.
Formaldehyde-free: Will not off-gas formaldehyde in the indoor environment.
Sound Control: Reduces sound transmission through exterior and interior walls, floor and ceiling assemblies.
Fire-Resistant: Flame Spread of 25 or less and Smoke Developed of 50 or less.
Resilient Inorganic Glass: No rotting, mildew or deterioration. Also noncorrosive to pipes, wiring and metal studs.