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MILWAUKEE Large Hole Saw Case [49-56-1007]

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The MILWAUKEE® Small Hole Saw Case is designed for customization, offering easy personalization with an interchangeable peg system. The interchangeable pegs are compatible with all Milwaukee hole saws, including HOLE DOZER™, HOLE DOZER™ with Carbide Teeth, and Diamond Max™, providing an array of customization possibilities. The removable accessory box provides the option to carry arbors, pilot bits, and more. Removing the accessory box provides the ability to fit more hole saws and larger sizes. Each Milwaukee Hole Saw Case features a reinforced grid design on both top and bottom plus heavy-duty latches to securely hold hole saws within this durable, hard case design.

  • Interchangeable Pegs Allow for Customizable Kit Configurations
  • Stores Bi-Metal, Carbide, Big Hawg and Diamond Max Hole Saws
  • Reinforced Grids on Top and Bottom Keep Hole Saws Securely Stored
  • Ability to Store Hole Dozer™, Hole Dozer™ with Carbide Teeth, BIG HAWG™ with Carbide Teeth and Diamond Max™ Hole Saws
  • Removable Accessory Box Offers Additional Customization Options
  • Fold Under Lid for Fast and Easy Access
  • Webbed Handle Design for Ergonomic Comfort
  • Heavy Duty Latch for Durability


4 in
9.0625 in
Width 8.87 in