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NuFlex 130 Painter's Acrylic Latex

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NuFlex® 130 Acrylic Painter's Caulk and Trim Seal is an economy priced caulking material ideally suited for caulking and sealing for interior and exterior applications. NuFlex® 130 cures when exposed to the atmosphere to a form a continuous seal. NuFlex® 130 is an excellent all-purpose sealant for cracks and joints and exhibits good adhesion to a full range of construction substrates such as: wood, concrete, metal, glass, stone, brick, stucco and marble. It is also recommended for sealing interior joints between walls and panels, around door frames and baseboards and joints between bathroom fixtures and walls.

Paintable within minutes. Matte finish. Ideal for nail hole repairs in drywall. Ideal for perimeter trim sealing.