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Stabila 48375 Type 196 Classic 3-Piece Level Set with Case

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STABILA’s type 196 classic level sets are bestselling level sets that include 2 foot type 196 levels, 4 foot type 196 levels, 10 inch type 81 S torpedo levels, and protective level bags for storage and carrying. STABILA’s type 196 spirit levels feature extra-rigid rectangular box beam aluminum profiles with reinforcing ribs, milled measuring surfaces, ergonomic handles, removable shock-absorbing end caps with anti-slip wall grips, and very accurate matched vials that ensure both plumb readings are the same when leveling in normal and reverse positions. These hand tools are the most popular STABILA box frame spirit level tools in North America! STABILA’s type 81 S torpedo levels feature I beam die cast frames, milled measuring surfaces, hang holes, and very accurate plumb and level vials. These unique die cast aluminum frames are some of the sturdiest and most recognizable spirit levels on the market. STABILA’s type 81 S torpedo level tools can easily be used for many different leveling applications and are very popular in North America. Level sets are cost effective alternatives for those seeking to acquire multiple STABILA levels.


  • Type 196. Our number 1 selling frame design.
  • Certified level accuracy of type 196 levels is 0.029 degrees - 1/32in over 72 inches - 0.5mm per meter right-side up or upside down. Every level is electronically adjusted, then accuracy inspected and certified.
  • Vials read the same in all positions.
  • Bright easy to read vials will not leak, break, fog or require re-calibration.
  • Level accuracy guaranteed for life.
  • Rubberized hand grips for comfort and grip.
  • Shock-absorbing removable endcaps: Prevent slipping on walls and marking walls. Endcaps can be removed to carry pencil lines tight into corners.
  • Large metal hang hole to store the level up and off of the work surface.
  • Electrostatic enamel finish: baked on tough, cleans up with water and brush.
  • Measurement accuracy of 81 S torpedo levels in normal position is ±1/32in at 72in and reverse position is ±3/64in at 72in.