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Stabila LAX 600 G multi-line laser, 12 V system

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Are you looking for a powerful line laser with modern battery technology for precise layout work in interior construction? The STABILA LAX 600 G combines all aspects of a laser for professionals. Work quickly and precisely: the innovative STABILA GREENBEAM technology stands for razor-sharp 3 x 360 degree lines, which you can use to transfer heights, create right angles or align axes. The stable aluminium and glass cages make the laser robust and protect the laser optics. The laser is also waterproof and dustproof in accordance with IP 65. For anyone who wants to work efficiently.


  • For a wide range of tasks in drywall construction - for layout work, when positioning partition walls and suspending ceilings.
  • Transfer heights quickly and easily in electrical installation work - align plug sockets, switches and cable ducts horizontally and vertically with one another.
  • For tiling work - when marking out the tile layout and when aligning and laying the tiles.
  • Precise transfer of marking points during plumbing work - align pipe clips vertically and horizontally with one another, quick positioning and installation of lines and heating pipes.
  • Transfer heights reliably for joinery - transfer drill holes accurately and align worktops, furniture and cabinets quickly and precisely with one another and install them.