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Stabila Tech 700 DA Electronic Angle Finder, Spirit Level, 18in

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The Stabila Tech 700 DA Electronic Angle Finder is designed with the latest technology to precisely set and measure both interior and exterior angles. The easy-to-read digital display offers a clear view of the angle you're measuring with adjustable lighting to accommodate virtually any work environment. The LOCK function transforms the tool into a bevel gauge with the ability to fix the arm at a set angle, while the vertical and horizontal vials deliver the accuracy of a spirit level.


  • Multitool functions as an angle finder, bevel gauge and spirit level
  • Electronic angle finder with 2 measuring surfaces for accurately setting and measuring interior and exterior angles from 0 to 270°
  • Digital display with large digits and backlighting, which can be activated and dimmed for use in lower-light environments
  • Arm with 2 marking and cutting edges
  • REF function lets you easily select a set angle, which you can then save for moving to other components
  • HOLD function saves the measured value
  • Angle Bisecting function displays the angle bisectors to aid in making miter cuts
  • LOCK function enables fixing the arm at a set angle and transferring the angle reliably
  • Vertical and horizontal vials can be seen even when the arm is folded in for accurately aligning components
  • Assists in aligning built-in furniture, such as kitchen cabinets, in joinery applications
  • Helps when laying tile motifs that are particularly complex, since it can be used to transfer angles during the tile-cutting process
  • Marks out angles before miter cutting during wood-working projects and helps you measure, check and/or mark angles during metal-working projects