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Makita-14" 61 cc Power Cutter 6101

SKU 6101


  • Stratified Air Scavenging (SAS) sends air flow through the transfer port to push the burned gases through the exhaust outlet recovering 75% of unburned fuel and reducing fuel consumption by 20%
  • Cyclonic air Intake delivers more air, more efficiently and increases air filter life by discarding 90% of larger debris.
  • Larger surface inverted intake and filter system extends filter life and service intervals.
  • Start capacitor with start support function resulting in significantly less pull start force.
  • Sliding front engine mounts help absorb vibration by detaching when cutting pressure is applied.
  • Smaller hub and drive wheel assembly increases maximum cutting depth to 5-1/8".
  • Multi-ribbed, self tensioning belt is engineered to provide a more consistent transfer of power.
  • Lower noise at 97 dB(A) and smoother idle for continuous operation.
  • Clear primer bulb facilitates fuel delivery to the carburetor for easier cold starts.
  • On-Off choke operation switch on a single lever with touch-stop function for operator convenience.
  • Aluminum guard and wheel pressure plates to reduce overall weight
  • Clear fuel tank window provides a convenient fuel level indicator
  • Water supply kit with pressure control knob for more accurate flow rate adjustments
  • Vertical filler neck position for conventional refueling operation
  • Integrated wrench holder