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DEWALT 7420SD1 POWER-STUD+ SD1 1/2" x 2-3/4" Wedge Expansion Anchor (Box of 50)

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The Power-Stud+ SD1 1/2 x 2-3/4"  Wedge Expansion Anchor is a fully threaded, torque-controlled, wedge expansion anchor which is designed for consistent performance in cracked and uncracked concrete. Suitable base materials include normal-weight concrete, sand-lightweight concrete, concrete over steel deck, and grouted concrete masonry. The anchor is manufactured with a zinc-plated carbon steel body and expansion clip for premium performance. Nut and washer are included.


  • Consistent performance in high and low strength concrete
  • The nominal drill bit size is the same as the anchor diameter
  • The anchor can be installed through standard fixture holes
  • Length ID code and identifying marking stamped on the head of each anchor
  • Anchor design allows for follow-up expansion after setting under tensile loading
  • Powered by Powers®
  • Structural connections, i.e., beam and column anchorage
  • Safety-related attachments
  • Interior applications / low-level corrosion environment
  • Tension zone applications, i.e., cable trays and strut, pipe supports, fire sprinklers
  • Seismic and wind loading