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DeWALT ULTRACON+ 3/16" X 3-1/4" Hex Washer Head (Box of 100) [DFM12708]

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Product Type: Concrete Screw Anchor
Material: Carbon Steel
Diameter: 3/16"
Length: 3-1/4"
Drive Type: Hex
Head Type: Hex Washer
Finish: Blue Stalgard
Point Type: Gimlet


  • Powered by Powers®
  • Application: Window installations, Interior lighting fixtures and Screened Enclosures
  • Uses: Storm shutters, Metal door frames and Joint flashing
  • Anchor Materials: Carbon Steel with Perma-Seal Coating
  • Suitable Base Materials: Normal-Weight Concrete, Lightweight Concrete, Grouted Concrete Masonry, Hollow Concrete Masonry, Solid Brick Masonry and Wood
  • Gimlet point for self-drilling into the wood base material
  • Removable (reusable in wood)
  • High-low thread design for greater stability and grip
  • Good corrosion protection with Stalgard coating
  • Several colors options to match the application
  • Available in slotted hex washer head, phillips flat head, phillips flat trim-fit and hex flange washer head styles
  • General Applications & Uses: Window frames, Metal door frames, Interior handrails, Storm shutters, Interior lighting fixtures, Sill Plate
  • ICC-ES Approvals: ESR-3068 (Uncracked Concrete), ESR-3196 (Masonry), ESR-3042 (Wood to Wood) & ESR-3213 (Chemically Treated Lumber)
  • Other Approvals & Listings: Miami-Dade County Notice of Acceptance & Florida Building Code

Powered by Powers®, Dewalt UltraCon+ fastening system is a complete family of screw anchors for light to medium duty applications in concrete, masonry block, brick, and wood base materials. UltraCon+ concrete screw anchors are fast and easy to install, providing a neat, finished appearance. UltraCon+ concrete screw anchors are engineered with matched tolerance drill bits and installation tools designed to meet the needs of the user and also provide optimum performance. Featuring a gimlet point for self-drilling into wood base materials without pre-drilling. Available in carbon steel with a Stalgard coating in several colors. Head styles include a slotted hex washer head, Phillips flat head, Phillips flat trim-fit and Hex flange washer head.