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NuFlex 446 Acoustical & Vapour Barrier Sealant

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NuFlex® 446 Acoustical & Vapour Barrier Sealant is specially formulated to adhere to most common vapour barrier films as well as wood, metal, concrete and foam boards. NuFlex® 446 is non-skinning and non-hardening. A permanently flexible non-slumping sealant.


Non-skinning. Excellent adhesion. Ideal as a perimeter sealant for polyethylene vapour barrier. Adheres to many substrates.

Typical Uses

Providing an effective perimeter seal for polyethylene vapor barriers over fiberglass batt and other insulations. Providing an effective perimeter & sound transmission seal around various construction applications, i.e., electrical receptacles, faucets, vapor barriers and more. Ideal as a bedding sealant when applied to metal and glass surfaces.


Multiple uses. Long life. Reduces sound transmission. Easy application.