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STABILA 29940 Level Set - PRO SET 80 ASM Spirit Levels (12in, 24in, 48in)

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Three magnetic spirit levels in an attractive set: With the STABILA PRO SET 80 ASM in the popular lengths of 48in (120 cm), 24in (60 cm) and 12in (30 cm) you have the perfect equipment for your projects. Thanks to their proven STABILA quality, the spirit levels are reliable helpers on the construction site. The technology of the vial installation guarantees lasting precision and a long service life. The spirit levels hold tight on metallic construction elements thanks to the particularly strong rare earth magnets. The robust carrying case helps you transport and protect your tools. STABILA - always a good choice for true pros.


  • Three frequently used lengths - 48in (120 cm), 24in (60 cm) and 12in (30 cm)
  • Slim, easy grip aluminum profile with reinforcing ribs.
  • Extra strong rare earth magnet system for a firm hold to metallic construction elements - free hands when you align and adjust pillars and supports.
  • STABILA quality vials for ideal readability - highly transparent, hard wearing acrylic glass with precision ground inner contours and florescent vial liquid.
  • STABILA installation technology (LOCKED VIALS) ensures long term accuracy - measuring accuracy plus/minus 1/32in at 72in in the normal position and plus/minus 3/64in at 72in in the reverse position.
  • 48in (120 cm) and 24in (60 cm) spirit levels with two vertical vials for quick reading in any position.
  • Two measuring surfaces - accurate measuring in all positions.
  • Firm hold when marking thanks to integrated slip stoppers.
  • Plastic end caps protect the profile against impact.
  • Hard wearing, lockable spirit level carrying case.

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Type 80 ASM-2 Spirit Levels - 48in (120 cm)

Type 80 ASM - 2 Spirit Levels - 24in (60 cm)

Type 80 ASM spirit levels / 12in (30 cm)

Spirit Level Carrying Case